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Mark Eggleston
United Kingdom
Obviously that isn't me.

I've been interested in fractals since the "Computer Recreations" column in the November 1987 issue of the Scientic American.

The first fractal image I produced was in black and white using a dot matrix printer and the program was written in Pascal on a PDP-11 minicomputer using the RSX-11M+ operating system. This was sometime in 1989 when I should have been using the equipment for work.

All the fractals in my gallery have been produced using my own programs initially with Mars, Phobos, Luna & Terra (not released) which have since been superseded by Saturn & Titan (released at version 1.0 now at version 1.1).

The programs are:

mars - fractal exploration allowing png seed files to saved. Now using Saturn.
phobos - expands png seed files to much higher resolutions up to the DA maximum and beyond. Now using Titan
terra - also expands png seed files, stores calculated results in a PostgreSQL database so that expansions that take significant amount of time can be suspended and resumed at will so that I don't have to leave the computer running 24 hours a day, every day. Work on a replacement for Saturn seed files has not started.
luna - user interface to terra for adding, deleting and modifying jobs and monitoring progress. Work on a replacement for Saturn seed files has not started.

Saturn and Titan for Linux and Windows 7 are available for download at Element90 Fractals.

I'm member of:


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.. and thanks also for the :+fav: of Flower in the Night :wave:
Finally! Someone who shares my love of thorium!
Thorium 232 should be the basis of the fuel system for Nuclear power stations as it can be used to produce Uranium 233 which is the most fissile of the Uranium isotopes it will, split 80% of the time if hit by a neutron. The best part about using Thorium is the LTFR or Liquid Thorium Fluoride Reactor which operates at normal atmospheric pressure, the fuel is already molten so meltdown is not a problem. All nuclear power stations currently use solid fuel which is then regarded as waste when only 0.7% of the Uranium has been used, a LFTR can use 100% of its fuel.

There are many advantages of using Thorium, it just needs some investment and much cheaper and smaller power stations will result with greatly reduced waste. In fact the Uranium in the solid fuel can be used in the LFTR so that the so called waste can be used as fuel because after all the Thorium is there only to produce more Uranium 233. The heat produced by a LTFR has at least two very useful applications: de-salinisation of sea water and the production of synthetic hydrocarbons such as methane, petroleum spirit ("petrol" in the UK, "gas" in the US) for cars, diesel for lorries, taxis, buses etc. all from water and carbon dioxide.

So, yes I am a fan of Thorium.

Regarding Mars and Phobos for an other of your comments, those programs were never released to the general public and I stopped development on them when they became the basis for Saturn and Titan which have been released and currently at version 3.0.1 for Linux and Windows. I working on version 4.0.0 which is based on the Qt tool kit instead of Gtkmm so Saturn and Titan will be available for OS X in addition to Linux and Windows.
ABlipinTime Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
These facts about Thorium sounds too good to be true. Have sources? Then again, I did hear alittle about this some time ago. Why nothing became of it I don't know.
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